My New Workout (and it’s Amazing)

Now that I’ve been back the gym for a month, I realized I had unrealistic expectations. I expected to have awesome muscles and to have blasted a lot of fat. This did not happen. I’ve dropped some pounds and noticed a little definition in my arms but that’s about it.

I am not going to quit!

This first month was basically me getting my body use to lifting and workout again.

I am a huge fan of Body Spartan (check them out on YouTube). My goal is to be able to complete their workouts. They are known for 1000 repetitions a workout. So I’m starting with 250 repetitions per workout. When I can do that then I’m moving to 500 repetitions, then 750 repetitions and finally 1000 repetitions.

Here is the new workout:

Warm up on stationary bike

5 sets of 10 leg press

5 sets of 10 calve raises

5 sets of 10 leg extension 

5 sets of 10 squat press

5 sets of 10 glute extensions

Cool down on Treadmill
Upper body:

Warm up on stationary bike
5 sets of 10 Lat. pull-down

5 sets of 10 chest press

5 sets of 10 shoulder press

5 sets of 10 biceps curls

5 sets of 10 overhead extension

Cool down on Treadmill

I alternate upper body and lower body every other gym day so essentially my muscles have 4 or more days to recover. If I do legs on Monday, I don’t do legs again until Friday. Since I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This may take a year or two years but I am going to do it.

Also, my fiancée is getting tired of chicken so we will be adding in red meat and turkey once a week to our diet. He also loves venison so we will probably add that in once a week as well.




(Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before trying any of These tips/ workouts)

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