Mel's Sweet Boutique

Mel’s Sweet Boutique

That's right! I opened an online boutique! Being a stay at home mom is hard when your family is one income. Blogging is not going to pay the bills anytime soon! (But I love to write, it's my passion). I don't know a lot about fashion but I do know that I am a mother of three girls that love clothes.

My Boutique is different because my daughters Autumn (almost 8) and Hayvin (almost 5) choose all the clothes we sell. That's right! My daughter pick the clothes, so I know kids will love them.

Also compare to those outrageous Etsy prices ($42 for one outfit for a toddler…. no one wants to spend that much) my prices are a steal! They are also already made and you can have them at your door within 2 weeks!

Sneak Peak:

So check out to order some lovely clothes!

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