How Dare You Miss a Gym Day!

Just Kidding! Everyone misses a gym day once in awhile. It’s human nature. Whether you didn’t have the time, you were sick, your kids needed you or too much pain. Don’t Sweat It (pun intended).

I have missed two gym days this week, sadly. One, I had to pick up my middle daughter from my brother’s house and ran out of time and two I spent the day with my kids at the park. I would say that today at the park I burned a lot of calories though.

The point is don’t beat yourself up. Shit Happens and You Move Past It. Although don’t let it completely derail you. I have a wedding tomorrow to go to and my gym is closed on Easter so I will be back at on Monday full force!

I also will be starting my HIIT Cardio after my weight lifting session. I’m praying this fat starts burning off.

Please remember it is very important to do Cardio after weightlifting so your body gets optimal results!


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