10 Reasons I Married my Husband

Becoming a parent at 18 changed my life forever. When my daughter was born, I realized everything wasn’t about me anymore and everything became about her. It also made me realize how toxic my relationship with her biological father was. He wasn’t supportive, didn’t bond with his child, and refused to work. Not to mention that he had been texting/sexting his ex girlfriend. It made me sick. I realized that I didn’t love him and I started to hate him. As soon as graduation rolled around I moved back in with my parents.


When I moved out, her father decided to not be her dad anymore. The last time he saw his child was on May 26, 2010.  So, I got a job and supported my child and was ok raising her by myself. My focus was providing my daughter the best future I could give her. After her 1st birthday, I was open to the idea of dating and that’s when I met Elliott.


Elliott and I clicked instantly. We fell for each other hard and fast. He was everything I wanted. He worked hard, made me feel great about myself, and adored my daughter. We dated for a year before moving together and was engaged for almost 6 years before we finally tied the knot on May 19, 2017, which brings us to the 10 Reasons I Married my Husband.

  1. HE MAKES ME LAUGH- Elliott can make me laugh no matter what mood I am in. He is genuinely funny and good humored.
  2. HE IS SUPPORTIVE- Elliott works his butt off to support us. He works 70+ hours a week, so I can stay home with our girls. He is also emotionally supportive.
  3. MAKES ME A BETTER PERSON- I have become a better person since being with Elliott. He makes me want to be the best version of myself.
  4. SEXY BEAST- Appearances are not everything but my husband is a stud. I’ve been attracted to him since day one and honestly have never looked at another man since.
  5. HE’S NOT AFRAID TO BE HIMSELF- Elliott has always been confident and comfortable in his own skin. He has never acted fake or like something he wasn’t. He doesn’t let anyone make him feel insecure. Elliott lets his feelings show. He cried when our daughters were born, he’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, and he stands up for himself.
  6. SUPER STRONG- When he was in high school, he was known as Hercules. ive always been attracted to strong guys with big biceps.
  7. LOYAL, FAITHFUL, AND TRUE- He has always been loyal to me. Before we met he had been cheated on and swore he would never hurt anyone like he had been hurt. Elliott has sown unwavering faithfulness over the past 7 years, and he would never let me leave the house looking horrible. I can ask him if I look bad in clothes and he will tell me the truth.
  8. GREEN EYES- My husband has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. He can melt my heart with one look. His eyes are emerald-green with gold flecks and they are amazing,
  9. HE TRULY LOVES ME- In the past 7 years he has never made me feel unwanted. He shows me unconditional love no matter what. Even when we fight, he reassures me that he loves me.
  10. BEING A TRUE DADDY- Elliott stepped and raised my oldest daughter from day one. he has never made her feel different than our other two daughters and only wants the best for them. He puts being a good daddy as his top priority and makes sure they know they are loved every day,

I could go on and on about why I married my husband but these are the top 10 reasons. He is my rock and I cant imagine life without him.



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